Mountain Star Chiming Bells Residence


Chiming Bells Custom Home Owner


Mountain Star, Avon, Colorado



Of the many stories that surround the mythical island of Antilia, one led us to attach this title to this lot in Mountain Star. It is believed that Roderik, the last Gothic King of the Spaniards had escaped to Antilia to seek refuge from barbarians. Today, people still need a place to escape to where they can feel comfortable within the privacy of their own home. It was this inspiration that helped us to create a design that provides for a grand entertainment space while still allowing homeowner and guests to find seclusion within their own quarters. This 10,000 square foot home is afforded a great deal of privacy due to its location at the end of Chiming Bells Road. This home is being designed and built as a speculative residence that has a mountain style with a bit of contemporary detailing.