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Everyone dreams of having a nice house, but turning dreams into reality is not always easy.

Few people realize how difficult and complicated it is to start and manage a construction project. In an effort to save money, many people resort to doing things on their own, often without seeking the opinion of professionals, and this leads to a lot of problems in the long run.

If you are planning to build your dream home, ensure that you have a well-conceived architectural design plan for it with the help of Judge + Associates Architects & Planners!

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Architectural Design & Drawing Services We Offer

J+A. Architects & Planners is a thriving team-structured professional corporation that provides comprehensive architectural, planning, and interior design services that can help you achieve your house goals.

Here is a list of the Architectural Design & Drawing services we provide:

What Makes Our Architectural
Design & Drawing Outstanding

J+A’s success is based on the vision of bringing client’s dreams to reality. Every step that we take to build your dream home is with respect to your vision.

At J+A, we believe that our success depends on our clients’ happiness and satisfaction. It is because of this that we focus on every detail of our work with passion and commitment. Service, attention to detail, and communication are the backbone of the firm.

With current projects across the nation, J+A’s design philosophy centers on the belief that good design enables a community and sustains its economic vitality.

J+A’s award-winning designs are timeless, classic, and inspired by indigenous materials and cost-effective parameters. We delight in the relationship between natural light, space, and proportion. We embrace the spirit of new technology alongside historical precedent. We are dedicated to exploring innovative solutions that move a project from the remarkable to the extraordinary. At J+A, we can help you plan a cost-effective and sustainable house design that closely reflects your style.

The J+A staff pride themselves on environmental awareness, with considerations of climate, topography, and natural resources, all key aspects of design development. Exemplary is the firm’s leadership in LEED certification of its projects where possible, promoting sustainable green design throughout the industry.

Our architects will not only focus on how beautiful your dream property is going to be, they will also consider environmental factors to guarantee that the community you live in is preserved and protected from any harm. We value the environment, which is why we always strive to produce green designs.

With one J+A Principal and one senior project architect personally leading each design and project management team, we can constantly monitor the current workload. This way, we can ensure the efficient administration and proper documentation of every aspect and practice to give you nothing less than the best service.
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JA Luxury House with a Pool

You don't have to do this on your own.

Contact Judge + Associates Architects & Planners, and let us help you make that dream home a reality.