Architectural Design and Drawing

Invest in exceptional architectural services when planning to build residential projects.

Planning, building, and designing spaces are not all about aesthetics. Nowadays, architectural plans are pushing the boundaries through creative, functional, and sustainable designs. Architects are now developing designs that enhance people’s lifestyles while generating minimal effects on the environment and the community.

At Judge + Associates Architects & Planners, our design process starts with you. We use an innovative approach to prioritize big-picture aspects and come up with well-conceived architectural designs that make your daily life better—from a lifestyle, wellness, and cost perspective.

Our team of professional architects specializes in large-scale residential projects and has been providing top-notch architectural plans since 1996. When you partner with us, we guarantee exemplary services to help you throughout the construction process and turn your dream property into reality.   

Two architects working on a architectural design plan.

Why Choose Judge + Associates Architects & Planners

When it comes to the design and functionality of your home, you want an architectural plan that reflects your lifestyle and suits your needs and preferences. However, the entire process of visualizing your functional space, constructing it, and adding finishing touches can be quite complex.

This is where our expert architectural team comes in. Judge + Associates and Architects & Planners is a team of highly trained and licensed professionals who help conceptualize, design, and fully realize your house goals. Here’s why hiring our team is the best decision you will make when creating and designing your dream property:

At Judge + Associates Architects & Planners, our success is rooted in our commitment to bringing our client’s dreams to reality. We focus on every detail of our work, whether big or small, with the same passion you have. Every step we take to build your dream home is with respect to your vision.

We believe that a successful design ensures our client’s happiness and satisfaction. For this reason, our team gives you the opportunity to get involved in building your dream home. We will explore your lifestyle and consider your interests to ensure that we provide you with standout architectural plans.

Our design philosophy centers on the belief that good designs enable a community and sustain its economic vitality. We provide timeless and classic designs inspired by the use of indigenous materials and cost-effective parameters. Expanding our architectural horizon, we delight in the relationship between space, natural light, and proportion.

We see every project as an opportunity for innovation. While we embrace the spirit of new technology, we value historical models and put our best efforts into preserving their beauty. We are dedicated to exploring modern design solutions to create healthy, productive environments.

We carry a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for promoting sustainable green design throughout the industry. We create award-winning designs with conscious awareness of our natural resources, the climate and topography, and the environment—these are key aspects of our design development.

Striving to produce green designs at all times, our architects don’t only focus on enhancing the appearance of your dream property but also consider significant environmental factors to guarantee that the community and environment you live in are protected from any harm.

With a J+A Principal and senior project architect leading each design and project management, we meticulously monitor and handle every project entrusted to our team. This way, we ensure the efficient administration and proper documentation of every aspect of our planning, design, and construction processes.

Our team gives you nothing but the best services. Having been recognized locally and internationally, we demonstrate our expertise and skills in maximizing the potential of your dream design and creating one-of-a-kind residential spaces. With us on the job, you can expect the highest standard of quality.

Our Architectural Design and Drawing Services

Judge + Associates Architects & Planners provides comprehensive architectural, planning, and interior design services to help you achieve your house goals. We specialize in:

Wide shot of a house's exterior garden with flowers, trees, and stone decorations.
A wide shot of the exterior of a two-story house that shows a mini pool balcony, stone decorations, and trees.

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