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With the growing population, we are taking up more land space, and without proper planning, these land developments could harm the environment.

Good land-use planning would mitigate these adverse effects. If you are looking to start a construction project, you are going to need good land planners. Hiring planners who are not only creative and experienced but who also promote sustainable green designs will help ensure that your land development plan will have minimal impact on the environment and help protect your community. At Judge + Associates Architects & Planners, we pride ourselves on environmental awareness. With over 25 years of experience in the architecture industry, we have handled numerous projects that require detailed land planning. We offer services in land planning that cover everything from local level planning to district level planning. If you want to know more, here are some of the land planning services we offer!
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Land Planning
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What Makes Our Land Planning Exceptional

There are a lot of steps to be taken and a lot of factors to consider when it comes to Land Planning. It is because of this that this type of service requires a team with a wide range of special expertise.

J+A Architects & Planners is a thriving team-structured professional corporation. With our team of experts, the complexities of land planning become but a small part of our work. Each team is led by one J+A Principal and one senior project architect so the firm can constantly monitor the project to ensure excellent administration and documentation of every aspect and practice.

In-depth research and study are requisite to conducting the proper evaluation of land space. Without this, it is impossible to create a plan that would maximize land space utility.

At J+A, we understand this. We make service, attention to detail, and communication the backbone of our firm. With extensive years of experience, our planners are trained to see every detail of the project, studying not only the current condition of the land space but also its history.

Land planning is done to ensure that land space is utilized according to its designated purpose. This is essential as any deviation from the master plan could negatively impact the community.

At J+A, we believe that a good design enables a community and sustains its economic vitality. Apart from assessing the condition of your land space, our team of experts will also consider the general placement of systems that affect a community. This is a necessary part of our land planning process so that we can create a proposal that would allow your land development plans to fit into the grand scheme of your community.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, land use and development can contribute to various environmental concerns, including air and water pollution.

At J+A, we care about the environment. Where possible, we promote sustainable green designs and plans created with consideration to climate, topography, and natural resources. Exemplary is our firm’s leadership in LEED certification of our projects. This is because we believe that considering eco-friendly steps during land planning will help every community in the long run.

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Our vision is to turn every client’s dream into reality. At Judge + Associates Architects & Planners, we will help you create land development plans that will benefit you, your community, and the environment. Contact Judge + Associates Architects & Planners at (970)949-7034, or you can come to visit us at 725 S Broadway Suite #12 Denver, CO 81658.