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Having a well-constructed residential property is everyone’s dream. It brings about a sense of achievement and fulfillment and serves as a huge investment. While building a home from the ground up can be a thrilling experience, it can also be a challenge, given that there are many complex steps involved. It’s best to hire professional architects and planners to guide you through the entire process.

At Judge + Associates Architects & Planners, we have skilled planners and architects in Edwards, CO. We provide a broad array of land planning and architectural services to help Coloradans craft and realize their vision of their dream home.

Who We Are

We have been serving the Centennial State for over 25 years now. We started with resort architecture and focused on large-scale residential design projects. Over time, we have grown to provide interior design, land planning, and landscape architecture.

What We Do

We specialize in land planning, landscape architecture, architecture, and interior design. Our team of Colorado residential architects and planners has extensive experience when it comes to various residential projects.

What Matters To Us

Our architects in Edwards, CO, are dedicated to providing timeless designs inspired by cost-effective indigenous materials. Our projects are LEED-certified, so you can expect sustainable designs from us.

Together with The Vail Habitat Group, we build for the community. Our team of Edwards, CO, architects and planners has helped construct houses for low-income communities in developing countries like Paraguay and El Salvador.

How We Do It

Having been in the industry since 1996, our Colorado architects and planners have acquired impressive attention to detail. As a team that always strives for excellence, hiring us gives you access to reliable and top-notch quality services. Through technology and innovation, we can turn a remarkable project into an extraordinary one.

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